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A Wish

Michele Viner

I have been thinking a lot about wishes lately.  I suppose I should admit I have many of them.

One really great one came true a few weeks back when I partnered with an organization that knows much about wishes.  Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest and only all-Canadian wish granting charity dedicated to granting wishes to Canadian children between the ages of 3 - 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  They do amazing work.  They are amazing people.  And we just get each other.

They believe that joy is a wonder drug, and I do too.  A Little Wordy was created because I believe that positive words and messages can do incredible things.  Just moments into our first meeting, CW and A Little Wordy joined together to create the Children's Wish Bouquet, of which 10% of the sales will go back to them to support their work.  In fact, 10% of all of our sales will go to them.

I hope it helps a lot of wishes to come true.

I also hope that by continuing to put positive, loving and uplifting word bouquets into the world, we can remind people that words matter, that kindness matters and that it is pretty simple to spread joy.

I wish for that.