a little wordy

because words can inspire


Michele Viner
n. a single, distinct meaningful element of speech or writing used with others to form a sentence

Have you ever said something you shouldn’t have said?

Something you regret later because, chances are, it was none of your business?

I know I have.  As I sit writing this blog, I’m trying to think when it was.  Hmmm.  When was it?... When was it?...

Oh yeah.  It was yesterday.

Kevin and I were having dinner with some cherished friends and we got - let me re-phrase that - I got talking about someone who was having some issues. Someone who I hardly even know and who was not at the table to participate in the conversation or defend themselves in any way.  It wasn’t that I was being unkind, necessarily, and I assure you my heart was in the right place.  But really.

Who died and made me queen of opinions in absentia?

I should know better.  I write words for a living and I’m the one who talks about choosing words carefully, uttering them kindly, and speaking them truthfully.   (But maybe not too truthfully.)  

Words are supposed to be inspiring.  But we all know there are times when they can be just the opposite.

Several months ago, someone said something to me that stopped me in my tracks and sent me into a funk for days.  It was something so unthinking that I couldn’t believe the person said it out loud, let alone right to me.  Without going into any details, suffice to say it was something that I could have lived a rich and full life without ever having to hear.

So.  In honour of that experience, and in order to make amends for yesterday, I am going to give myself a goal this week.  I am going to purposely give people some positive words that they normally might not hear.

Starting with you.  You are reading my blog.  Thank you.  

Want to join me?  Say one thing to someone this week that makes them feel good about themselves, and watch what happens.  

I will leave you with a story about just that.  Several weeks ago I received an email from a perfect stranger.  She had seen my business on Instagram and had reached out to say that she liked what I was doing.  “I just wanted to send you a quick note to say I think your work is beautiful.”  And then she said, “people are watching.  Keep at it.”

For anyone who has ever created something from nothing and tried to put it out into the world; for anyone who posts instas and FB messages that never go beyond your friend group, and for anyone who has written a blog that you believe no one will read, those words are priceless.  

She may as well have given me the Hope diamond.

In many ways she did.  She gave me the gift of her words.