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Michele Viner
v. perform (an action), the precise nature of which is often unspecified; achieve, or complete.

Why do we procrastinate?

Why. Do. I. Procrastinate?

Seriously.  My name is Michele and I am a serial procrastinator.  I have two unfinished books.  I have filing from 2010 (I put everything into piles in 2016), I have been practicing beginner yoga for 20 years.

Maybe I am not a procrastinator.  Maybe I am a starter and not a finisher.  Maybe I am just easily distracted.  Spoiler alert - in the process of writing these 350 words I will google vitamin D deficiency (I am), the weather in Toronto (-3 and cloudy) and getting a tattoo (I might).  And then there are dishes to do.  When you are a writer, aren’t there always dishes to do before you can really get started?

Enough.  I am calling my own bullshit today.  

Several years ago, the kaleidescope of my life took a full turn.  Everything was turned upside down and created a  jumbled, colourful, uncertain, chaotic craziness.  You know the moments.  You have had them too.

Perhaps in that time, if the truth be told, I became less of a procrastinator.  Life was so chaotic at times that I was forced into actions that were new and unfamiliar and many of the decisions I made were “game-day” decisions.  No time for procrastination.  Frankly, it was the dawning of an amazing perspective.  There is nothing like a few life events to teach you the value of, well, everything.  

There is nothing like a load of crap to teach you positivity.

What was it that Michelle Obama said?  When they go low, we go high?  For me, when things turned the worst, I looked for the best.  It wasn’t always easy, but I learned that our thoughts every day are what lead to our moods, our actions, and our level of contentment.  I thought to myself, if I feel this way others might too.  I began to post words of positivity on an instagram account called A Little Wordy.  It actually became a small business.

Then came time for a blog.

But I procrastinated.  Which isn’t a very positive thing to do.  So.

Here it is and I commit to it going forward. 

What is it that you want to do?  Get going.  Your potential awaits.