a little wordy

because words can inspire


Michele Viner
adj.  move along steadily and consistently in a current or stream


Okay peeps.  Gather in.  I have a question for you.

How many of you out there consider yourself to be an artist, or at the very least, creative?

Waiting ... waiting ...

Crickets, peeps, crickets.  I hear nothing.

It was kind of a trick question because the answer is, we are all creative.  Whether we make our living through the arts or not, we are all creative beings.  Or at least we are born that way.

I used to tell a story to parents as I was showing them the school; if you entered a classroom of 25 kids in kindergarten - age 4 - and asked for a show of hands of how many of them were artists, every hand would rise.  If you asked those same 25 kids how many of them were artists years later in their grade 8 class, you might be lucky to get two hands to rise, maybe three.  Somewhere throughout those years, they stopped believing in their creativity.  Tragic.

Because when you stop believing in your creativity, you stop giving yourself permission to be creative. 

This week’s word is flow.  All of life needs flow.  When we have it, life is good.  When we don’t, things start to go awry.

If the flow of traffic stops, we get into traffic jams.  If the flow of our lifeblood stagnates, we experience illness.  If the flow of communication ceases, we get lonely and isolated.  And if our finances stop flowing, well, who hasn’t been there once or twice or always? And if your creativity ceases to flow, you might be missing out on a big part of who you are.

I had the absolute privilege a few weeks ago of watching a high school production of  Little Shop of Horrors.

It was fantastic.  

The singing, the dancing, the choreography, the direction, the lighting, the setting - all of it was fabulous.  And while all of the kids were remarkable, I was partial to a cute little character named Doris, the dental assistant.  She was played by my younger daughter.  

What was most amazing, aside from her performance, was that this was new to Emma, who is 17 years old and in grade 12.  She was surrounded by kids who had been performing in musicals for years, but she was essentially new to the musical stage.  And while she was singing, dancing and performing, what was really taking place was that she was finding her creativity in a whole new way. 

Personally, (health issues aside, of course) I think a lack of creative flow is a shame.  Our creativity is our artistry, and our artistry is a part of ourselves that deserves to be seen.  It doesn’t mean you need to dance or sing (personally, dogs howl when I sing) or even draw a picture.  What it means is that you offer up a true expression of you - not in what you do, but who you are on the inside.

So, in honour of that, and in honour of Doris and all of the amazing kids who sang and danced their hearts out on the stage that night, let’s tap into our creative being.

Because creativity isn’t just on the artistic stage, it belongs on life’s stage.

The world needs your shine.  Go get your creative on.

And then let it flow.