a little wordy

because words can inspire

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to some of your questions.

If there is something not here - please email us.



Can we mix and match?

Sure.  Two hearts, three flowers.  Four flowers, one heart.  Whatever you wish...

Can we use phrases, not just a single word?

Absolutely.  Three words is the maximum.

Can we use profanity - it’s an inside joke.

No.  We really value words and their impact.  We are hoping to keep it positive and for everyone to enjoy.

How do you make these?  Are they hand done?

Each flower is handcrafted and machine cut to our specific design.  We work from our studio in Toronto and paint each item to order.  The design on the back of each shape is original artwork and printed onto the back of the flower or heart.  Each word is hand written.

What if we can’t think of what to say?

Then let us help you.  We have thought of a whole bunch of words.  Click here for inspiration.

I don’t like your colour choices - can I pick my own?

Yes, but it will then be a custom, custom order and the cost will be additional.  We use Behr primer and paint in one.  Send us your paint number and we will purchase it for your order at an additional cost of $50.

I don’t like your shape choices - can I pick my own?

No.  Sorry.  That we can’t do.  And besides, it really is more about the word and its meaning and sentiment than it is about the shape.  And, really, what have you got against hearts?

How big are these?

Roughly 3" wide for the hearts, and approximately 3" x 3" for the flowers.  

The tallest piece in the bouquets is roughly 12" in height.

Where do you ship to?

We currently are set up to ship within Canada and the US.

Do you ship internationally?  Are there additional fees?

Yes, we can ship further abroad.  Please email us with your request and we will provide an estimate for delivery.

Do you use other languages?

Well, we may not speak them but if they are supplied to us we can certainly learn enough to put them on a flower or heart.   The 'no profanity' rule still applies.  And yes, we'll know.

I’m a blogger, can I show your work?

Yes, for sure.  We would love that.  Please be sure to include our links and credits.

How long does it take to receive after ordering?

On average, we try to ship within seven working days of ordering.  Our product is mailed on a three day delivery.  Special orders requiring faster delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.  Email us.

What is your refund and return policy?

As this is a custom, hand crafted product, there is no returning the product.  Just enjoy it.  If a product is damaged during delivery, we will replace it.   An order can be cancelled within the first 48 hours of ordering.  After that, its yours.