a little wordy

because words can inspire


The Story of A Little Wordy

I love someone who lives with bipolar disorder. I love her unconditionally, with all of my heart.  She is amazing.  Fabulous.  Strong. Resilient.  Kind.  She is brave.  Through her, I have learned that what we say, and how we say it, matters.  I have learned that words should be chosen carefully, uttered kindly and spoken truthfully.  With A Little Wordy, you can send someone words to inspire, to congratulate, to love, to celebrate and to offer friendship and joy, to lift up.  Through all of our products - bouquets, hearts, tote bags and note cards, you can send the words to make someone's day.  


This is a heart with a job.  It appears on all of our items as a reminder that when you purchase A Little Wordy product, a portion of its sale is donated back to charity.  Our items support mental health initiatives across Canada.