a little wordy

because words can inspire

The Story of A Little Wordy

(and the power of positive thinking)


You see, I love someone who lives with bipolar disorder. I love her with all of my heart. She is amazing. Resilient. Brave. Kind. Smart. And sometimes she feels very low.
What was it that Michelle Obama said? When they go low, we go high? Well, on days that were low, I went positive.  And pink. It began with simple doodles as I sat at my kitchen table and sipped tea.  Words that were positive and affirming - then, came pink flowers, and pink hearts - all simple doodles in an effort to lighten the mood. Eventually I started doodling the words into the hearts and the flowers, and the bouquets were born. As was an idea to put positivity out into the world.
Since those days, word bouquets have been delivered to many people for many reasons and they have helped to celebrate many things – everything from a 90th birthday to the successful launch of a documentary. They have been sent to cheer during those life moments that test us. They have been sent to encourage. To inspire. To extend friendship. And to simply say I am thinking of you in a way that empowers the sender as much as the recipient. In a world where we insta-this and snap-that, there is a permanence to sending someone your thoughts, and taking the time to create exactly what you want to say, one word at a time.
And there will be more. We are currently working on a line of tote bags that feature one positive word and message, and plan on expanding into stationery.
In honour of positivity over adversity, 10% of all sales of A Little Wordy products support mental health initiatives.